How to choose a Holster

Choosing a holster to carry your gun is an important step in any gun owner’s life. Many people prefer to use the shoulder holster because it is more comfortable and convenient than the others. No matter which type of holster is best suited for your needs, do not choose the first option that comes along. Instead, take the time to carefully choose your holster and gain comfort and peace of mind. How can you choose the best holster for your needs?

First, what is the material of the holster? You always want to make a holster purchase of a quality product, so material is important to consider. You can find holsters made from a variety of materials. Leather and plastic are the two most commonly used materials in gun holsters. Obviously, plastic is cheaper than leather but it is also less durable.

Consider your use of the weapon when making your holster purchase. When you choose a shoulder model, you are choosing the most popular type of style but it isn’t suitable for each and every person. Is it right for you? Only when you consider the use of the weapon can you determine if it is the best for your needs.

What’s the price of the holster? There are holsters priced affordably and of course those that are expensive. How much money do you desire to spend on the purchase of your gun holster? Make sure that comparisons are always made to get the best deal. It is simple and easy and you will be glad that you did.

Take the time to consider the different holsters that are available before buying. It is easy and worthwhile, and of courses won’t cost a penny for you to complete. But, what it will do is ensure that you get the perfect holster for your needs.

Types of Animals you can Hunt in South Carolina

When preparing for a South Carolina hunting adventure, be prepared for the unexpected. Many men and women who visit the state to experience the hunting offered say that it is one of the best experiences of their life. Chances are good that you will agree that hunting in South Carolina is among the best that there is out there.

You will find hunting in the state enjoyable, fun, and always versatile, with something to offer each hunter out there. The choice in animals available to hunt is large and you will appreciate this fact for sure.

What kind of animals can you hunt when you visit the great state of South Carolina for such an adventure? Let’s take a look at a few of them so you can properly prepare for your getaway and adventure.


September, October, and November are there three months in South Carolina designated for deer hunting.  Many people enjoy hunting deer and with different events and rules scheduled, you can always enjoy the adventure that you’ve come to the state to find.


Starting in October, bear season is in full swing throughout South Carolina. You can enjoy your choice of a dog party or a still hunt, although both prohibit taking any bear, including a cub, that weighs less than 100 pounds. A dog party hunt can have up to 25 participants. When a bear is killed, it must be reported to the Department of Natural Resources within 24-hours.


If you are rabbit hunting on private land, you can use dogs on the hunt only until November. After this month, both dogs and guns can be used for the hunts. Whether you choose to hunt on private or public land, you’re limited to a total of five rabbits daily.

The big fishing dream in the middle of a very big lake

Everyone has dreams, even fishermen do. While some dream of large vaults of cash, others dream of owning their dream home. While there are those who dream of taking luxury cruises around the world, men and women from around the world are hovering down to Lac La Martre to catch their dream trophy northern pike. Lac La Martre could very easily be perceived to be a dreamlike location, except to say that this small, tranquil resort is a reality for no more than sixteen cabin guests in any one week.

To their comfort, no pampering of the plush, pink and casino style is given. Here there is just country-style hospitality and warm kitchen comforts. Guests in their turn get to supply the kitchen with the treasures of the lake, usually in the form of its famously preserved trout and salmon. While they are perfectly naturalized to the lake, these fish have earned some truly exotic names, such as Monster Northern Pike, Big Fat Lakers and the more exquisitely termed Arctic Grayling.

This small resort will only accommodate up to six guests for any one week’s stay. This allows for the comforts of the tranquil country life. There is no need to stress, mess and fuss over the daily nightmares of urban city lifestyles and crowds, especially not while on vacation. Fishing on the lake is more than a vacation. It may be dreamlike but it’s not a dream. It is a vocation and commitment to the natural life.

There is only one way to reach this small, tranquil resort. That is by aqua plane. The cabins are on a small island on a one thousand square mile lake.